5 Musts for Healthier Holidays

Quick reminders, and some new tips, for a healthier approach to holiday splurges …

  1. Be choosy. Decide which treats are worth the extra treadmill time. Indulge appreciatively and get moving– away from the cookie tray and onto the Exercise Floor.
  2. Eat a healthful meal, focused on protein and fiber, before parties.Party food is notoriously rich and highly caloric. You’ll be better able to enjoy these finger foods more for what they are intended– social bites. Enjoy them during conversation. Don’t ravage them down while isolated in a corner because of hunger.
  3. Before a holiday dinner, eat healthful snacks. This helps avoid overindulging on an extensive buffet. You’ll also be less likely to get tipsy from any pre-dinner drinks. (A good idea if you’re prone to wineinduced brutal honesty. That sweater may not look good on him, but you don’t need to shout it across the room.)
  4. Fit in a workout. It’s a busy time. Your body is working harder than ever– sleeping too little, rushing too much, and working too late. Reward yourself with an invigorating, stress-busting workout. Shorten the session, increase or reduce the intensity, visit the Center at an odd hour (5:00am works!). Just keep the momentum going. Acknowledge yourself for feats that could leave even Santa less jolly. (We all know the holidays’ affect on his shape.)
  5. Don’t overdo it. Sure, we all want to be the proverbial “kid at Christmas.” More gifts, more decorations, and more food– all in an attempt to assure festive memories. Instead, flex your emotional muscle. Focus on doing things with loving purpose. You may get less done, but you’ll likely spend less money, feel less guilt, and have lesspost-holiday stress. In return, you will experience more joy, more gratitude, and, yep, a little more of that holiday magic.

Taken from F&W News

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