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What exactly is Brain Training?

Brain training engaging in computerized activities designed to strengthen cognitive skills or a specific cognitive skill. You could name a thousand different brain functions or more says neuropsychologist Dominick Auciello, but the basic idea is that through computerized practice Kid’s to going to make those skills better. There are many different programs out there with different activities and exercises designed to enhance various cognitive functions. Most of them are trying to train Kid’s to:

• Pay attention better
• Process information more quickly
• Retain information
• Learn and remember more
• Be more cognitively flexible, which means to be able to shift the
kid’s attention from one place to another effectively.

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What kind of kids benefit from Brain Training?

Children who have working memory deficits are the ones who might benefit the most from the practice they get with Cogmed. You can measure a child’s working memory, and low working memory can be a symptom of a number of different diagnoses including:

• Learning disorders (both reading and math)
• Language disorders
• Executive function problems

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