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What is EECP Therapy?

EECP (Enhanced External Counter pulsation) Therapy is terms that describe the noninvasive, complementary, or alternative treatment prescribed by physicians and cleared for marketing by the U.S.

FDA as a Class device for the treatment of patients with chronic stable angina that is refractory to optimal anti-anginal medic therapy and without options for revascularizations. It has also been used and shown to be effective in published clinical studies for patients suffering from the symptoms of ischemic cardiovascular and other circulatory involved diseases such as congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, diabetes, renal disease, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and other disease or patient conditions that may benefit from improved circulation and blood flow.

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How EECP/ECP Therapy delivered?

The ECP system consists of three sets of inflatable pressure cuffs wrapped around the calves and the lower and upper tights, including the buttocks, as the patient lies down on the bed. In synchronization with each cardiac cycle, obtained with an integrated 3 electrode single channel ECG, the cuffs are sequentially inflated from the calves to the buttocks during diastole to produce an arterial retrograde flow towards the aortic root to increase coronary blood flow. ECP simultaneously increases venous return to raise cardiac output. The cuffs are deflated simultaneously before the onset of systole to provide an empty vascular space reducing systemic vascular resistance in the lower extremities to receive blood ejecting from the heart, significantly reducing the workload and oxygen demand of the heart.

Therapy advantages:

• ECP is truly non-invasive
• ECP is painless & safe
• ECP is inexpensive and saves money
• ECP requires no recovery time
• Increases activity level
• improves quality of life
• Patients with stents or irregular heartbeat
• Memory impairment or bleeding complication

The perfect solution for a health heart by EECP Therapy
The perfect solution for a health heart by EECP Therapy

We are the sole Distributor for EECP Equipments in Malaysia.

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