Face brightening and rejuvenating peel.

Our signature brightening and rejuvenating peel are one of the best peels for normal to sensitive skin. This peel combines all the go-to exfoliants. With ingredients like hydration-boosting hyaluronic acid, cell-turnover stimulating mixture of plant extract ingredients (kojic,glycolic,lactic, and pyruvic) and brightening Citric Acid Complex (Vitamin C) is designed to achieve a more focused micropeel in 10 days

As someone with extra-sensitive skin, the sheer thought of a chemical peel evokes a nightmarish image of a red, painful complexion-which isn’t any fun at all. But if done correctly, this type of treatment isn’t something you have to be afraid of: as long as you’ve got the right regimen in place, chemical peels for sensitive skin can leave you looking radiant instead of raw.

At their simplest, chemical peels resurface the color,texture, and appearance of the skin for an improvement in hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and overall glow. They’re designed with potent exfoliating ingredients that gently remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin for a smoothing, brightening effect.

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