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Having been clinically assessed in various medical centres, the outcome has been very positive from patients. On average, regular treatments have resulted in an 82% in cellulite reduction, 87% in skin tightening, 90% in body shaping, and 95% in pre and post-surgery.

A brief history of INDIBA treatment?

In 1983, Jose Calbet began to study electromagnetic currents in therapeutic applications and launched our first INDIBA® device. It was formerly known as CET, TEC or TECAR, and later as TECAR THERAPY treatment. Today, the scientific community refers to our technology as CRET (Capacitive Resistive Electric Transfer) or CRMRF (Capacitive Resistive Monopolar Radiofrequency)

After the first device, we continued developing our technology at approximately 0.5 MHz until finally, thanks to scientific investigation, we have been able to define the most stable and efective frequency on the market in biological terms: 448 kHz. Having perfected our technology over 35 years, eventually obtaining 12 patents and developing 25 defferent models (6th Generation), our technology has been recognized and awarded internationally throughout our history.

What is an INDIBA treatment?

Indiba treatment is non-invasive and it can show notable results from the first session. By using cutting-edge medical technology, it uses high frequency currents to raise the internal temperature of human tissue.

Indiba therapy will provide your body with more energy, whilst optimising your ionic exchange to balance the electric potential of your tissue. Your skin is affected by gravity, with wrinkles naturally appearing due to ageing. You may also start to see undesired fat including cellulite and adiposity on your body. If this is the case, Indiba treatment can help with this.


With regular treatments, it’s particularly effective at the following:

• Ageing or sagging skin
• Expression lines
• Stretch marks
• Double chins
• Under-eye bags &
dark circles
• Cellulite
• Varicose veins
• Tired legs
• Firms buttocks

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